EXIMTRADE Trading Ltd. Co. was founded by three private persons at the end of 1990. Presently there are 2 owners of the firm. The subscribed capital is HUF 3 million.

At the beginning our main activity was arranging assembly works for foreign companies in Hungary. We had and have good relationship with not only different small and bigger firms but some big ones as well who are active in the electronic industry. Later on we widen the choice of goods both in import and export. Nowadays we make special import for our partners’ demands such as raw materials, semi-finished products, spare parts and machines and especially meet the requirements of the manufacturers producing transformers and inductive components.

The owners of the company govern actively the firm and run businesses as well.

• Bobbins and housing for transformers

Bobbins, housing, boxes for linear transformers, housing and boxes for toroid trasformers, terminals and accessories.

• Cable and wire strippers, wire twisting machines

Mains set or DC supplied, hand operated wire strippers, hand operated or desk wire strippers with brush, table top rubbing strippers, manual twisting machines.

• Winding machines

Toroid, linear and spiral winding machines, foil winding machines and accessories.

• Wire tensioners

Mechanical and electronic wire tensioners for linear winding machines.

• Transformer stacking and welding machines

Hand operated or automatic (motor driven) transformer stacking machines, transformer welding machines.

• Transformer core winding machines

Transformer core winding machines for UNICORE production.

• Ferrites and inductive components

Ferrites in different shapes and quality.

• Insulating materials

Technical adhesive (acrylic, rubber, polysiloxane) tapes (polyester, PET, Nomex, kapton, fiberglass), flat copper conductor (single or double insulated) tapesdie-cut parts and labels, customized foil coatings.

• Thermal management

Oxide and non-oxide ceramic products, ceramic films, thermal conductive materials (standard, adhesive and fiberglass).

• Thermal protectors and switches

AC and DC protectors, thermal motor and transformers (open or closed version), battery protectors.

• Used and renewed machines

Used and renewed machines, units and spare parts for many different production tasks in electronical applications.

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